Monday, March 7, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons

This was a very fun piece to do. I remember I was having lunch with my friend and we got lemon water and she shoved her lemon down with her straw and said that she was drowning it. I was instantly inspired to make some mafia lemons getting rid of a lose end. I started out sketching this in a rather cartoony manor, and then eventually scanned it into Photoshop and decided to take a more realistic approach. I used tons of reference for this piece, normally I would just have a lemon in my hand, trying to really capture that texture of pulp. Also I like to hide little details, like the "help!" written from the inside of the glass, which only a few have picked up on. This way of making food come to life was really fun, and I hope to illustrate more scenes like this in the future.

Evening Storm

For this piece I did a acrylic underpainting and then did a oil painting final. I collaborated a bunch of photos taken around my farm to compose a Constable inspired landscape. Also I used a split-compliment color scheme of orange, blue green and blue violet. The trees I decided to create, which I discovered was quite difficult because of the need to make them symmetrical, and thus not naturalistic. All in all I think this painting came together pretty well.