Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Black Beard the Pirate

Blackbeard is known for giving pirates their look. He would dress all in black, braid beard with gold, and put canon fuses behind his ears. Right before he aboard a ship he would light the fuses and walk on in a gray cloud of smoke. Spooky, huh? Anyways eventually his pirating days ended off of the Carolinas. He was shot many times, and wounded by canon debris. Then they chopped off his head and kicked his body into the water. The story goes the body swam around eight times before it sank. After that they buried his body on over 400 Bahamian islands. After they decapitated them, they put his head on the bowsprit to show everyone the great pirate was finally dead. I decided to do a sculpture piece of Blackbeard's end. The head started out as just a strong wire frame. Then I put wire mesh over top to have something for the sculpey to attach upon. If you mix firm and soft super sculpey it makes a nice happy medium for adding detail yet still being able to mold without much trouble. Then after the sculpting I primed it and glazed on tones of acrylic. Then to add hair I used apoxy to smoosh the hair into and then I just painted around it. Also for a great skin texture I used crumpled up foil. For boat I split a old barn post and used a old piece of a horse tiller to connect the rope.

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